3 thoughts on ““Inferno” Trailer”

  1. The plot is exciting. Larry Crowne finally finished his MD and tries to answer the million dollars question: how to solve the ancient puzzle, save the World from the bloody Illuminati and most important – how to impress his hot mate. She’s smart and daring brunette with brown eyes (obviously, Dan Browne has a thing about that, but I can’t blaim him), but obviously she is too young to become a love affair for inevitably aging Viktor Navorski. He undertakes a thrilling journey, messes with a cunning secret societiy, evades the mysterious killer and makes a shocking discovery: his young associate is a lost great-granddaughter of Adolph Hitler.
    Alas, this is too much for the poor Richard Phillips. His heart is broken. He sells his kidney, buys a yacht and sails far away to the Gulf of Aden. It’s over. Expect another Academy Award next year. #OscarForTom


    1. I have been waiting for ‘Inferno’ for 3 years already, so it better be good: https://dbmoviesblog.wordpress.com/2013/07/29/dan-browns-inferno-tom-hanks-to-return-in-2015-film/
      I can only add one thing to your impressive description, Artem: before Phillips sails into the ocean, he has to crash land a commercial airliner on the river Hudson in New York so that everyone on board survives. It’s a true story and I will be doing my preview of ‘Sully’ (2016) with Tom Hanks soon.


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