“Fences” Trailer

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  1. “Set in 1950s Pittsburgh, a former Negro league baseball player, now working as a waste collector, struggles to provide for his family and come to terms with the events of his life.” © Wiki

    Finally we’re about to get a decent movie both created and played by Denzel Washington. Most of the beginning of 2000s in my life was highlighted by Tony Scott movies, where Washington delivered a very quality performance. But after the tragic death of Scott, it seemed the Washington era as the mainstream movie star was about to fade. The “Equalizer” became a great embarrassment that I don’t even want to remember any more. I have to admit, I never made my hands on “The Magnificent Seven” (not a big fan of Westerns, even The Hateful Eight was a tough call for me to watch), so maybe Denzel was better there?

    The “Fences” trailer is about to become the comeback of Washington – the same guy whose enormous energy from the “Training Day” and “Remembering the Titans” we were missing for all those years. I love the tense family drama, the father-son tension. The personal conflict. All that is very much familiar for many of us. I was raised by the grandfather who is very authoritarian person (luckily, not so cruel as Washington’s character here), the movie’s theme is very close to me.

    “Do you eat every day? Do you have a roof on your head? Do you sleep in a bed?”

    It’s very familiar for many of us, I think. A man who said goodbye to his dream and turned into Garbage Service worker, should have some deep personal conflict and cruelty towards the world for sure.

    Nevertheless I hope that Washington’s “Father” in this movie will find some kindness inside. Hope he would appreciate his son after all. In the end, this undoubtedly good and kind boy is the most meaningful achievement in his life.

    Will watch this movie for sure.


    1. Yes, I agree with you, and finally we have a trailer that does not bombard us with meaninglessness. I think many people will find this movie touching, it has great performances, and, as you say, many people will connect with it. I also want the father in the movie finally to be reconciled with his son.
      I agree with you about Tony Scott, he’d made some very good movies, and they are always entertaining. I will be doing a short review on Scott’s “Deja-Vu” soon with Denzel Washington. This movie was not an absolute hit with critics, but the audience just loved it. Re-watching it now, I realise that Washington’s performance is just so powerful in it, you are just glued to the screen. Whatever problems with the scenario could be in a movie, e.g. in “Flight”, Denzel always brings this absolute conviction, this personal touch…very nice.


      1. Deja Vu is one of my favorite movies). So excited about your upcoming review!

        P.S. I sent you a letter couple of days ago, don’t know if you still use the old email.


        1. Yes, you are right. I never anymore use this e-mail as my “main” one, but I have read your last three messages to me. Now, I definitely would like to see “the Wave”, and I have been thinking about a FB page for my website for a long time now, so this is forthcoming, great idea, thank you! 🙂


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