“Silence” Trailer

The rumours about Martin Scorsese’s “Silence” have been circulating for a long time now, especially regarding the forthcoming Academy Awards. On 29 November, his historic film about a Jesuit missionary’s persecution in the 17th century Japan premiered at the Vatican. Personally for me, the presence of Andrew Garfield, who is a good actor, will be distracting in the movie because of all the associations I have with him in the most diverse films, from comical “The Amazing Spider-Man“(2012) to modern “The Social Network” (2010)…How to shed these?

14 thoughts on ““Silence” Trailer

  1. A dilemma I need not worry about since I’ve not seen either film! I will look forward to this. The downward shot of the three black robes walking down the white steps looked awesome. Looks original!


    1. Yeah, for me Andrew Garfield’s face is that of a modern teenager, definitely a 21st century face, and now that I see him play some obscure priest from the 17th century and in Japan – it’s all a bit shocking. I also feel a bit sad for Scorsese, as there is a general feeling that Chazelle’s ‘La La Land’ will grab most Academy Awards in the new year.


  2. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who “associates” actors with roles and then it becomes a struggle to “see” them in the different role. I will always see Andrew Garfield as Spiderman. Just like I struggle to shake the “young” Leonardo Di Caprio from my mind. Totally struggled to watch Rupert Friend as Agent 47 in Hitman after having been introduced to me in Pride & Prejudice and The Young Victoria. I know we shouldn’t be like this but it happens…

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  3. Mixed feelings about this one. Love Scorcese but…. the trailer didn’t do a lot for me, and neither does the story if I’m honest. I’ll still be seeing it of course but I’m not sure how much I’ll like it.

    Time will tell. A lot of time actually, this won’t be playing here till February =/

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    1. I kind of understand your feelings about the trailer. This does not strike as an immediate masterpiece. Still, I think if its Scorsese it should be good, even if its “self-indulgent” Scorsese.


  4. I’m not sure Scorsese’s films always lend themselves to good trailers. Looks like a film populated by great performances and some wonderful photography but as a trailer, it doesn’t make me eager to rush to the cinema. I’m sure the film itself will be a far more satisfactory experience.

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    1. Yes, I agree. Right now I am worried about the film, because it has recently been ignored for some nominations, and some reviews are unkind. Some say that this movie will have our faith in Scorsese stretched to the limits. We’ll see.


  5. My heart was in pain after seeing the trailer. I think the title is well intended for it’s purpose…”Silence” to silence the history of what really happened in Japan that time. Japan knew who are and what “Jesuits” are.

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