“Blade Runner 2049” Trailer

This film from Denis Villeneuve (“Arrival” (2016)) looks promising: visually stunning and well-acted. But, I still have mixed emotions about it all. Will all the action and style here actually take precedence over depth and meaning? We will see.

15 thoughts on ““Blade Runner 2049” Trailer

  1. ” Replicants are like any other machine..they are either a hazard or a benefit”- well this is the future and they can be both. I hope it will be a great one to remember.

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    1. That’s a nice quote. I read the book the original film was based on some months ago, and now I hope that the book’s spirit will also be conveyed in the film, and not only the atmosphere of the original film. There were still many ideas and concepts unexplored in the original film. As I see here, there will be the same human vs artificiality issue, but I also hope they will explore some other issues in greater depth, e.g., the psychology of replicants, etc. and not just provide an action-packed visual feast.

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      1. Oh Phiilip K. Dick is a brilkiant writer at sci-fi. I haven’t read the original story the film was based upon ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep’? but I can only imagine it was great. I’m really glad you mentioned themstory because it’s the driving force of everything I believe. I loved the original for the dark atmosphere without all the shiny effects and rather focused on the grim aspects of the replicants being hunted and a little insight into their desire. The ending was very touching, but I agree that it didn’t delve much into how they were made, why they are here and their advanced mindset that left the first movie unquestioned. It looks great but of course the story needs to be just as effective.

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        1. “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” really impressed me as a book. I strongly recommend it to everyone. To be honest, I enjoyed it more than the film, and it is much deeper than the movie. The movie sets that grim atmosphere well, but the book is so much more meaningful. There are pages and pages in the book about real animals and their status vs artificial animals, and I think that’s a bit different from humans. Many different considerations and issues arise. Anyway, it’s a great read.

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  2. I have to say that the trailer truly puts me in the mood. It has all the workings and dark atmosphere of the original movie. The director is one that almost never disappoints so I am cautiously optimistic for this one 😊

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  3. I think the visual is going to be awesome, I can bet on it, it is the story that I am worry about but then again it is Dennis Villeneuve I do not think he is going to mess up this one. Thanks for the trailer. I can’t wait.

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    1. That’s a good point about them putting best bits in the trailer. Here, it is slightly worrying also, I’d say. I mean trailers which are a bit confusing can result in either great or lame films, and I’m slightly puzzled by this one. Many films nowadays don’t have enough “substance” to support all the visual creativity, and I hope Villeneuve will slightly step out of his comfort zone and actually produce something not only awesome to ponder about and question, but also more coherent.

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    1. I was not an instant fan of the original film Blade Runner myself, but it “grew” on me over the years. I especially started to appreciate it more once I read the wonderful book it was based on. I bet Gosling will cover all the emotional side in the film and Harrison will cover action and excitement. That will strike a balance.


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