“First They Killed My Father” Trailer

Directed by Angelina Jolie, and featured at the forthcoming Toronto International Film Festival, “First They Killed My Father” promises to be a powerful film. See also the list “My 10 Favourite “Human Rights” Films“.

6 thoughts on ““First They Killed My Father” Trailer

  1. The first think I thought of was how much we fault our soldiers when they kill children, these kids can be as lethal as the adults, if not more so because their deadliness comes from the hesitation one might have to hurt a child. This is a sad, chilling tale but it also brings an awareness that children in other places do not have childhoods. They are brought up to do unspeakable things. It is an injustice and a conundrum for our military forces.


    1. Definitely. Children are the most vulnerable in such conflicts, and the fact that they are often exploited is very tragic indeed. Still, I also think that this issue should be up there, because war is not something which most people associate with childhood, but for many kids this is their reality, and awareness should be raised. The issue of child soldiers has been touched in the film “Blood Diamond” and also “Beasts of No Nation” explored this topic, but somehow here in “First They Killed My Father”, I think the issue would be explored even further – I like the fact how personal this film is for Angelina Jolie.

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