The Golden Unicorn Awards & Russian Film Week 2017

The Russian Film Week, an annual London’s film festival, was initiated in 2016. The Golden Unicorn Awards is part of this exciting event, and the patrons of the festival include such well-known British actors as Ralph Fiennes (“The English Patient” (1996)) and Brian Cox (“The Autopsy of Jane Doe” (2016)).

The 2017 Russian Film Week will run from 19 to 26 November 2017 and will feature such already acclaimed Russian-language films as Zvyagintsev’s “Loveless“, Todorovskiy’s Bolshoi” and Kiselev’s “Spacewalk(er)“. Don’t miss, if you can go!

6 thoughts on “The Golden Unicorn Awards & Russian Film Week 2017

    1. I am going to at least one screening, yes. I have the impression that the films will be in their original language with the English subtitles. I am a bit gutted I missed this festival last year, when The Student won multiple awards. I think they are doing a great job there showcasing talented Russian filmmakers.
      P.S. I promise to look at your short in the days to come.

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      1. Great! I try to follow Russian cinema, too… It often manages to captivate what others cannot, for purely cultural reasons. what are the highlights of last years, in your opinion?
        P. S. No worries 🙂


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