Luca Guadagnino’s “Suspiria” and Steve McQueen’s “Widows” Trailers

Luca Guadagnino (“Call Me By Your Name” (2017) and “I Am Love” (2009)) is rebooting Dario Argento’s cult classic of the same name, and from the many plot similarities, it can be described as a remake (despite what actors may say). There seem to be both similarities and differences in the presentation: the music hints at the original, but some visuals are innovative. My favourite element here will be Tilda Swinton as Madame Blanc, a clever cast. It will also be interesting to see her character’s antagonistic tension and relationship with the character of Dakota Johnson. My concern is that I hope the film will remain dark and provocative with nice scary jumps, and not become too ridiculous. I am also disappointed with the cast of Johnson. She seems to be good here, but my belief is that someone younger with more remarkable features should have been cast in the lead role. Since it is Luca Guadagnino, a stylish and thought-provoking presentation is guaranteed. The original material is also intriguing, so it promises to be a good film.  

Steve McQueen (“12 Years a Slave” (2013) and “Shame” (2011)) is making a film based on the 1985 British TV series of the same name. In that story, the widows of men killed in a heist take the reins to pull off their husbands’ job. Therefore, the parallels will be drawn with “Ocean’s 8” (2018), which also has an all-female lead cast and involves criminal activities. “Widows” promises to be a fast-paced, entertaining film with the great cast attached: Viola Davis (“The Help” (2011)), Colin Farrell (“The Lobster” (2015)), Liam Neeson (“Silence” (2016)), Elizabeth Debicki (“The Great Gatsby” (2013)), Daniel Kaluuya (“Get Out” (2017)) and Robert Duvall, among others. It looks like Davis will particularly shine here, and while Flynn (the scriptwriter) will stress women’s empowerment, McQueen may also touch on race and politics. A first-class heist film awaits. 


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