Late Afternoon: Oscar-nominated Short Animation

Late Afternoon” by Louise Bagnall is this year’s Academy Awards nominee in the category of “Best Short Animation”. I somehow prefer it over other nominees, and the frontrunners for the award are considered to be Pixar-produced animation “Bao” and Pixar-related short “Weekends“. Other nominees are touching “One Small Step” and the hilarious and witty “Animal Behaviour“. Normally I enjoy intricate, detailed animations, but, in the case of “Late Afternoon“, I somehow appreciate the simplicity and like how the animation incorporates the concept of memory. Have you watched this year’s nominees yet? Do you have a favourite?

10 thoughts on “Late Afternoon: Oscar-nominated Short Animation

  1. I have seen one small step and now late afternoon. I love them both. Its strange how animated shorts incite a deep impact on me than any other medium. The colours, the music.. This one was so beautiful. Im typing this while wiping my tears

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    1. These two are definitely very emotional and One Small Step is also inspirational. I always try to follow short animations and how they do at festivals. It takes a real skill to say something profound and connect with the audience in a short time and I think these works deserve a bigger audience and recognition.

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